• Repairs on the anchorage
    By means of barges and launches, we can perform repair works and transport our equipment, staff and materials to your vessels while at anchorage.
  • Repair of Electrical Motors
    The repair service of electrical motors performed by REMESA is highly specialized.
    Rewinding of stators and rotors of all king of motors, whether AC or DC, can be done. All motors are being tested before delivery to the client.
  • Repairs on the route
    Wherever you need us we are willing to send our highly skilled technicians to help you solve your problems en route, thus avoiding costs out of service.
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Human Resources contact

If you are interested in working with us, please send an email with your CV attached to:
info@remesa.eu     alrremesa@remesa.eu

Career prospects

REMESA knows that it is only as strong as its employees, as we grow we are always looking to add to our already team. We wellcome all aplications at all times. The type of work can also very due to our extensive and broad range of services.



We seek individuals with an interest or background in the marine industry. Any persons with an specialist skill set are attractive and we encourage one to send intheir CV at all times, even if the desired positions is not currently available.



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Speed and quality
Our best references are our customers and our many years of experience in ship repairs. Total quality guarantee, our reason to exist.
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